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Automated Trading with IB and Amazon EC2

Jul 18, 2017 3 min read AlgoTrading Technology Vineet Dwivedi

I took Interactive Brokers (IB) account for trading in NSE (India) around 18 months back. My idea was to use IB API and make an automated trading system to run small scalping and market making programs. IB is probably the only one offering API trading for NSE in India. I made a scalping program using IB Java API and was running it from my MacBook. I am not sure, if you know that a MacBook can sometimes behave like a powerful server.

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Jobs and Gates: Personality Types

Oct 24, 2011 1 min read Technology Vineet Dwivedi

Excerpts from a TechCrunch Article:

Jobs’ relationship with Bill Gates goes back the furthest and is the most complicated. But the two pioneers of the PC era met one last time near the end of Jobs’ life and talked for several hours. Gates told Jobs that he proved his model—of controlling computer products from end to end—works. And Jobs said that Microsoft’s model of licensing out the OS to other manufacturers worked as well.

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