While analyzing the search log of our Bee English Dictionary I realized that people are also looking for meaning of their (or their friend’s) names. The list is topped in boys by John followed by DavidJamesMichaelDanielMark, Ryan and Jacob. In girl names, the order is Jessica, Michelle, Emily, Jennifer and Mary. Few names with much lower volumes are AndrewAnthony, Ashley, Joseph, Nicole, RobertTaylor. Most of these names do not mean anything but are the names of some mythological and historical creatures.

Interestingly the volume of searches for male names is 4-5 times higher than that for girl names.

My colleague has an interesting theory. These kind of tasks are usually performed by girls and that is the reason search is high for boy’s names. Funny..huh

I tried to look for my name but unfortunately the dictionary does not have my name. Someday it will 🙂