eCommerce in India is booming and so are e-commerce companies. In the last 6 months more than 100 new e-commerce commerce companies have come up, fighting for a small set of online users. It is the shear pressure of revenue which is forcing few of these the e-commerce companies to ignore a very important part of the e-commerce ecosystem…logistics. 

I had a very strange experience with one of the so called popular ecommerce companies called ( nike laptop bag without laptop sleeve nike laptop bag without laptop sleeve

Look at the above picture. What does it say?

A laptop sleeve backpack. 

What is missing? 

Laptop Sleeve 

I ordered the product and was surprised to know that there was no laptop sleeve

Any e-commerce company will encounter this kind of a situation. In fact they were quick to acknowledge this and took the product back promising a refund.

The funny part is that the refund never came back even after multiple reminders !

Update: After many months of multiple attempts, it was clear that I am not going to be refunded. Yebhi offered me a coupon which I happily accepted. I bought a pair of shoes for my son. The size was very different from what I ordered and did not fit. Hopefully my other son will wear it when he grows up. No energy left for another refund.