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Jobs and Gates: Personality Types

Excerpts from TechCrunch Article Jobs’ relationship with Bill Gates goes back the furthest and is the most complicated. But the two pioneers of the PC era met one last time near the end of Jobs’ life and talked for several hours. Gates told Jobs that he proved his model—of controlling computer products from end […]

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Your name means a lot!

While analyzing the search log of our Bee English Dictionary I realized that people are also looking for meaning of their (or their friend’s) names. The list is topped in boys by John followed by David, James, Michael, Daniel, Mark, Ryan and Jacob. In girl names, the order is Jessica, Michelle, Emily, Jennifer and Mary. […]

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Parkinson’s Law of Multiplication of Subordinates

Let’s picture a civil servant called A who finds himself overworked. Whether this overwork is real or imaginary is immaterial; but we should observe, in passing, that A’s sensation (or {ld:illusion}) might easily result from his own decreasing energy—a normal symptom of middle-age. For this real or imagined overwork there are, broadly speaking, three possible […]

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